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Why You Should Collaborate With Others In Different Industries

For many of us creatives, we usually believe that we can do everything ourselves. I mean it's probably true,

but let me give you an example, and tell me if YOU could do this all by yourself. Have you ever tried to make a product out of thin air? Then set up on how you're going to mass produce it? Then how to sell it? Then how to get it out to as many people as possible? Then finding a storage spot for it? And don't forget customer support if something goes wrong. (lets be honest here, the mail man will throw your package if you don't pay for the signature option) If you answered yes to ALL of the things I just mentioned above, well.. you're freaking amazing cause I know many people who have multiple connections and other third party business just to handle one of those things. What i'm trying to get at here is that, many of us think we can just google and then do it ourselves. It's true you can, but doing that takes a lot of time, energy and money. Yes you want to save money, I understand, but can you actually make or do something as good as the guy who actually SPECIALIZES In that one thing? Sometimes it's just better to actually have someone else who knows what they're doing handle that task.

Personal Experience

For me, I always thought that I could be a one man show. After trying to make music without a vocalist I realized that no matter how much I autotune and try to alter my voice, I would never be able to sing and sound like Micheal Jackson. (Tried to be a smooth criminal in making people think I could sing) After actually reaching out to a bunch of people who could actually sing, I found out that my music actually went farther then some of my solo music that had no vocals. Beyond that I realized too it wasn't just the fact that I had vocals on my music that made it go big, it was the fact that the other person I was working with, was promoting and sharing it to all their fans! That caused a loop where, I got some new fans from the vocalist and then they got fans from me! And guess what, we worked on more music together and the loop just continued.

Why YOU Should Collaborate With Others

Not everything has to be done by you. Let's be honest, we have skills that we specialize in, but we're not multi skilled enough to run everything ourselves. For the example above I mentioned how 1. My music had something fresh and new because there were vocals that weren't previously there. 2. I gained fans and exposure from someone elses connection and reach. 3. I CAN'T SING

That last point should be loud and clear. I cannot sing to save myself and it's true for many other things. I can't create cover art. I don't know enough digital photography skills to edit some of my photos. I don't have enough knowledge of what it takes to make a music video, etc etc. I'm sure many of us are the same and that we have things we can't do and so what I recommend is to reach out to others that can. You'll realize that in this world, a lot of things are based off of connections, and who you know. The only way to do that is to collaborate and to work with other. If this makes you scared, well think about it like this. Do you think Amazon is ran by one dude? NO ARE YOU SERIOUSLY KIDDING ME? They have 2 day shipping, and you think ONE guy can go around the word and deliver over 1.6 million packages a day? No. They have people who do that for them. And so get it through your head that most big brands and company rely on each other. I'll give you a brief reason why should reach out to that artist, photographer, videographer, or even that crazy guy who tries to sell you into joining that pyramid scheme he's been part of for 3 months. 1. You'll build a relationship (Discounted prices/services or even reoccurring job offers )

2. You'll gain exposure (Who doesn't want more fans?) 3. They can now recommend you to their connections and partners (more collaborations)

4. More specialized projects (As a producer, I can't make videos so that's why I have Sheldon)

This list can go on, but just realize that there's a huge untapped potential that can be achieved if you're willing to work with others in different industries. Don't be afraid to just ask

"Hey! I noticed you're really good at making Art and I would love to feature your work on some of my projects if that's okay with you! In return I can help you with something you're passionate about also!" Just make sure you respect boundaries and try not to come off as if you're trying to use them. You're simply asking to use each other's skill for something bigger.