UV Makeup - Suva Beauty Hydra Liners

Last month, I was given the creative freedom from the team to experience something I haven't done before-- UV makeup! For a while I was interested in doing something where the makeup stands out completely, and wanted to showcase something different than what I usually do.

That's when I thought what better way to do it than literally highlighting the crisp lines and fine details of the makeup in the dark!

For the shoot, I used SUVA Beauty's Hydra liners as the main focus. These liners come in many different shades; some being staple shades like white (Space Panda) and black (Grease), to fun colours like the UV liners I've used!

  • The green liner I used for the eyeliner is called Fanny Pack

  • The pink and orange liner I used for the lips is called Scrunchie and Acid Trip

  • The yellow liner I've used for the nails (Yes, I painted on top of her nails) is called Dance Party


First Impressions

What I noticed about the hydra liners when I first swatched it and brought it under the light is that they are VIVID and BEAMING!!! It was my first time I've ever seen makeup literally glow so bright. Not even glow sticks or glow-in-the-dark paints can top these stunning liners!

One tip I want to mention though is that you definitely have to get the right water to product ratio in order to have a perfect application of the product. The hydra liners are water based and are water activated, so once the product dries it stays put unless reactivated by water again.

Nonetheless, if you have too much water on your brush and mix it in the jar of product, the product will most likely be too runny and wont give that perfect opaque look. If you have too much product and not enough water on the brush, you might experience the product being to dry to even apply, or may notice patchiness in the application. Whatever it may be, definitely be mindful of how much water you use!

Check In

There wasn't really a "true" mid-way check in, as I got the model to wear the makeup for just under 2 hours. However, around the 30 min mark when I stepped into to add UV freckles (which definitely looked super cool as well), the green eyeliner did transfer a slight bit onto the model's eyelid. I believe it was because the paints are water activated as I've previously mentioned, so sweat/oils does cause the liner to transfer. Other than that, the liner on her lips and nails were still in tact!

Final Thoughts

If you are going to attend an event that is going to have UV/Backlights and you want to stand out, these products are definitely going to do all the work for you. They're nothing like I've ever seen before, and are honestly so beautiful even just in regular lighting. My only issue with them is that if your eyes water easily, or if you have oily eyelids, this might not work for your waterline, or around your eyes in general. Sure, it can be amazing as a body paint or if you don't precipitate much around your eyes, but it's still hard to say if I'll be using the black hydra liner as a daily eyeliner. Otherwise, would highly recommend these paints if you were ever wanting UV paints in general!

Overall Rating: 4/5

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