Understanding The Balance Of Volume and Quality

For awhile now, I've been noticing a lot of creative people in their respected industry having this constant argument of having more volume over quality, or quality over volume. There's this two sides of this where people say it won't matter if you put out 1 masterpiece per month compared to putting out 10 decent peices of work. I can understand both sides. One favors more content while the other values product. Before I Explain why I think you need to find the balance on both. I'll explain what "Volume" and "Quality" means if we're talking general.


When people talk about volume, they talk about total output. a large sense of volume can mean a high number of work that has been created in a short amount of time. Making 10 songs in one day is extremely hard and can be considered a high volume output.


When people refer to Quality. It means the "value" or "Mass" the work has. You could say Quality is trying to achieve perfection one single output. This could also mean of how refined, polished, and detailed the piece of work has.

Whats the argument here?

There's always been people saying that you should always focus on outputting a lot work as much as you can, while others say its important to take the time and really go over your work until it's perfection. This argument is almost the eb and flow of all creatives. Do I try to show that I'm capable of working fast? Or do I polish my work until its perfect? Seeing as both are polar opisites, you have to understand what the cons of each are.

High Volume, Low Quality

Most likley this will result it possibly non high committed work. Can almost be seen as "Rough" or "Non polished"

Low Volume, High Quality

This one's interesting, as commitment is alot higher and expectations are much larger and more time consuming. The issues is that you won't know if it will stand the test of times, but also keep your brand or business afloat from just one product.

What Should You Focus On?

Now for the answer, to anyone asking "Volume or Quality". Sorry, but you're going to need both. Why? Because they actually loop into one another. You need a high amount of work to produce a high quality material. This is especially important for beginners In anything. You just need to start doing and learning. As you do that you will eventually find holes or spots in your work that might be lagging which will push you to refine it. As importantly focusing on quality pushes you to go beyond and to stick to ideas much longer and actually commit and test you on your ability to think critically in sticky situations. You need both as they will always be the corner stone of how you work and how it will impact your work.

I would never recommend anyone to focus on one side for an extended period of time as this creates a large amount of bad habits. Equality understanding the value of both will only push you to become a better creative.