How to Achieve Dewy Skin

When it comes to perfecting the dewy look, many people (including makeup artists) tend to forget that the best way to achieve this. Not only do you want to mimic the look of healthy, radiant skin, but also prep the skin itself to actually be its best before makeup application.


This procedure may take up to 5-10 minutes in itself, but the final look will look less cakey, less powdery, and you can feel 10 times better knowing that your skin is benefiting from all the skincare products you're layering on even before your foundation.

1. Exfoliate!

You can do this by either using an exfoliating toner on a cotton pad, or by washing your face with a very mild and gentle exfoliating cleanser. Not only will you be removing all the dirt and impurities that have been on your face since you last washed it, but you'll be removing all the dead skin and promoting a new, fresh layer of skin to be on the surface. This will improve your base immensely, as dead skin is the the first cause of cakey and patchy makeup application.

2. Hydrate!

As exfoliating products tend to dry out the skin, counteract that with as many hydrating products as you can. You can use a facial mist that helps calm down the skin, a hydrating toning solution, hydrating serums… Or all three! The most important thing is to apply a heavier cream than usual (not necessarily greasy) to create a nice layer for your other products to glide on top smoothy.

3. Hydrate (Again!)

However this time you’ll be using a hydrating primer. Hydrating primers are more so going to focus on the look of dewy skin, as opposed to using a cream/moisturizer that actually hydrates the skin. This is definitely that extra step that isn't 100% necessary, but I would recommend this step if you generally do have dry skin because moisturizers usually just get soaked up into the skin by the time you start applying any makeup.


4. Foundation

Unless your foundation has hydrating ingredients (such as oils, hyaluronic acid, etc.), I would highly suggest using a light moisturizer or cream once again to ensure spreadability and luminosity of the skin. My personal favourite would be a moisturizer with small, shimmery particles and glycerin. It doesn’t have to be a 1:1 ratio, but add just enough cream to find the perfect balance between coverage of the foundation, and radiance of the strobe cream.

5. Highlight

The most obvious step for dewy skin! Using a liquid highlighter over a powder highlight is the best way to go, but if you’re using a facial mist or dewy finishing spray at the end, the use of powder or liquid highlighter doesn’t matter as much. Definitely highlight the high points of the face, such as along cheekbone, below the brow bone, down the nose, chin, and even the cupid’s bow just above the lip.

6. Setting Powder

Only use a fine, translucent powder in the area’s where you need it most, which is usually the T-Zone of the face. We don’t want to apply too much powder, as this is going to potentially mattify all the hard work you’ve done so far! You can still set the powder a bit heavier under the eyes, or wherever you experience creasing, but avoid using it where you've used your highlight.

7. Setting Spray / Facial Mist

The final step! You made it! Setting sprays and/or facial mists will help with any remaining cakiness caused by dryness or excess powder on the skin. It will meld the makeup and skin together to (finally) accomplish the dewy skin look.