What do we do?

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, H.F.E & Co is the only design studio that bridges the gap of strategy and creativity so they can stay relevant and top of mind of their audiences because gaining attention and trust in todays saturated market place is highly competitive and scarce. 

Our Strategy

   We lead you to creative solutions by linking your targets, product/service, and business objectives. We will turn research and insights into actionable ideas that solve your short term and long term business problems. 

   We use a framework to help organize the elements in developing creative work and focus on seeing the threads that exist between creativity and strategy. 

   By combining conceptual thinking and strategy, we are able to create a broader platform of creative solutions for you.

   Our work is built on a foundation of knowing who your audience is. Not personal bias. We develop the demographics, psychographics, and behavior characteristics to find relevance and meaning among your audience.


   The creative solutions that we create not only shows the characteristics and personality of your business, but makes a personal connection with your audience over the long term.​​​


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